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Crystal Large 3d Printed Dragons - Draigons Den  (4).jpg
Gem Articulated 3D Printed Dragon - Draigons Den (51).jpg

Welcome to the wondrous realm of Draigons Den, where ancient magic combines with cutting edge technology to breathe life into each and every one of our articulated 3D printed dragons.

All of our dragons are printed to the highest possible standards, that we think make them stand out in the market. We are pleased to be official sellers of models carefully crafted by the renowned Cinderwings studio amongst other designers. We're even working on our own exclusive designs, so please watch this space...for The Draigons..

At Draigons Den, we want to share our love for theses wonderful Dragons and spark of wonder in a child’s eyes. We believe in nurturing creativity, allowing kids to gallop through the endless plains of fantasy while embracing the marvels of technology.


Our dragons will serve as guides in this journey, winging alongside as each child discovers the boundless skies of their imagination.

Join us, and let the adventure begin—where fantasy meets the future, and play breathes fire into innovation. Welcome to Draigons Den, where dragons are not just legends but lively companions in your hands.


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