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FIND YOUR CLAN - Coming soon

Discover the majestic Clans of Draigons Den, where each dragon embodies the raw power of nature's elements and the innovative spirit of renewable energy. Choose your Clan and let the adventure with these elemental guardians begin.

Coming Soon - Use 'The Draigon' a super intelligent mystical dragon fused with AI who will tell you which Clan is closest to you...  


Venture into the smoldering depths of the Magma Heart Clan, where the pulse of the planet's core thrums through the veins of these formidable dragons. Born from the swirling cauldron of the Earth’s fiery mantle, the Magma Heart Clan boasts an unrivaled mastery over the molten rivers and volcanic spirits. Their scales shimmer with the glow of lava, and their wings beat with the rhythm of tectonic whispers. Members of this Clan are revered for their resilience, their ability to forge paths through the impassable, and their mysterious power to harness the geothermal vents that cloak them in veils of steam and heat. Dare to delve deeper into the Magma Heart Clan’s lore and discover the ancient secrets and formidable abilities that lie beneath their obsidian armor

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Ascend to the lofty heights of the Windería Clan, where the dominion of the wind and sky belongs to these unparalleled aerial masters. The Windería, with an accent that dances on the breeze, are creatures of breathtaking beauty, their scales a vibrant tapestry of electric pink, yellows, and blues that mimic the dawn's first light streaking across the heavens. Agile and swift, they navigate the air currents with an elegance and precision that no other clan can match, making them the undisputed sovereigns of the aerial realms. Their mastery over the gales allows them to summon tempests or grant gentle breezes, a testament to their deep connection with the atmosphere that cradles the world. Let your spirit soar as you explore the tales and triumphs of the Windería Clan, and perhaps discover the winds of destiny that connect you to these magnificent guardians of the sky.

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