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Beware of Imitations: How to Spot the True Artistry in 3D Printed Dragons!


TL;DR: In the world of 3D printed dragons, true quality stands out from mass-produced imitations. Draigons Den champions the art of precision printing with finer layers and denser builds, ensuring each dragon has a weighty presence and enduring strength. Hand-painted eyes add soul to our dragons, which are crafted patiently to guarantee their artistry and individuality—a stark contrast to the cost-cutting, fast-produced alternatives flooding the market from overseas. Choose a Draigon for an unparalleled blend of durability, detail, and magic


In the intricate world of 3D printing, precision is often synonymous with excellence. At Draigons Den, we take this to heart by merging the traditional craftsmanship values with the innovative frontier of 3D printing technology. In this article we'll reveal our approach to ensuring the chanting allure of all our dragons. With some of the larger dragons taking nearly 24 hours to print, it is easy to understand, why some people choose to print faster and looser than we do. We on the other hand, believe our Dragons need time to form. We offer a premium quality, that we think is totally worth it.

The Art of Printing Dragons - Quality Over Speed

In a world that often rushes, we choose deliberation. Speed in 3D printing can be the adversary of detail, and we will not compromise on the intricacies that give our dragons their character. Our printers operate at carefully calibrated speeds that may not break records but will certainly break the mould of conventional 3D printed toys. This allows for a higher degree of accuracy and a stronger bond between each layer of PLA, resulting in a more durable, sturdy, and detailed figure.

The Magic in the Details: A 0.2mm Layer Height

Each dragon is printed with a layer height of 0.2mm, a deliberate choice that strikes the perfect balance between print time and the high-resolution detailing that our designs demand. This precise layer height captures the subtleties of texture, from the graceful spikes of the Crystal Dragon to the artfully articulated wings. The result is a tangible feel of realism, with scales that glimmer and eyes that sparkle.

Strength and Lifespan

The meticulousness of our print process also lends itself to the structural integrity of each dragon. They are built to be more than fleeting playthings; they are intended to be lifelong companions for their owners, enduring as centerpieces of collections or as constant participants in a child’s adventures. The robustness imbued by our printing technology ensures that these dragons can endure the rigours of play without losing their mythical charm.

Invitation to Adventure

With each dragon that leaves our Den, we extend an invitation to step into a world where myth meets material. Our dragons are not simply products; they are the heralds of tales yet untold, friends yet to be made, and journeys yet to be embarked upon. In creating our own 3D printers, we've also created a promise – a promise of quality, durability, and magic in every dragon.

We welcome you to explore our collection at Draigons Den, where each dragon awaits with its own story, ready to be a part of yours. And as you hold one of our dragons, remember that you're holding a piece of innovation, a testament to the blend of artistry and technology – a guardian crafted in the fires of imagination and printed into reality by the pioneers of 3D printed dreams.

Cheaper's Better! Right? Right?

We respectfully disagree. At Draigons Den, we stand as guardians of genuine craftsmanship against a tide of imitations. We're not blind to the 'cheaper' prices of other printers. We believe that the only way to achieve such low costs is by compromising on the print process—increasing speed, which necessitates thicker layers, and reducing the internal density of the model. Alternatively, cheaper products are imported en masse from abroad, with little attention paid to the individuality and character of each piece. This not only diminishes the quality but also impoverishes the overall experience of ownership. After all, what joy is there in a dragon that lacks the soul of the creature it's meant to embody?

At Draigons Den, we choose a different path. Each of our dragons is printed with meticulous care, embracing the slower, more deliberate pace that true quality demands. Our layer height is fine-tuned to 0.2mm to capture every nuance of the dragon's mythic form. We opt for a greater internal density, which not only imparts a substantial, satisfying weight but also ensures that our dragons are robust, capable of standing guard over your collection for years to come.


As you can see - the difference our hand finishing makes is remarkable. It really helps bring the Dragons to life.


The Draigons in the Detail

But the real magic happens in the finishing touches. Unlike many, we don't let our dragons fly the nest without a final flourish of hand-painted eyes, the windows to their ancient souls. It's a time-consuming process, and truth be told, we've wrestled with the idea of foregoing it. Yet, we persist, because this is where true artistry breathes life into the printed plastic. It’s not just an additional step; it’s the embodiment of our commitment to excellence.

And we do this without passing the cost onto you. We absorb this investment in quality because we believe that when you choose a Draigon, you're choosing more than a toy or a model; you're choosing a piece of art. You're choosing the thrill of a dragon's gaze meeting yours, the pride of a masterfully crafted beast perched upon your shelf, the assurance that you own not just any dragon, but a Draigon.

So, before you surrender to the allure of cheaper alternatives, remember that with a Draigon, you're not just saving a couple of quid; you're investing in a legacy of craftsmanship. Visit Draigons Den, where the true artistry of 3D printed dragons isn't just promised—it's delivered.

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